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We just moved into our new office! It is finally done. We were in the "little brown office" for over 30 years.

Our new shop is over 13,000 square feet with 3 drive through bays and a tire bay. The office is 2 floors with a large dispatch area and a gym! The picture I have attached is of Marcie Rogers and her son Shane Rogers. Rod and Marcie lived in this house for over 30 years and raised three kids, who have taken over Rogers Trucking Inc. The new office is in the exact spot that the house was located!

The location of the new office is right on top of where Rod and Marcie used to live. They raised three children in the house and on the day they removed the house Marcie and Shane were the only ones around.

In this picture, the teardown of the old homestead is almost complete.

Fort St. John Main Office

6446 Airport Road
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 4M6

PH. 250-785-3647

TOLL FREE 1-866-785-3647

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We offer a variety of services related to Gravel Sales, Heavy Equipment, Hauling and Loading.

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