Absorbents & Wood Shavings Products

Rogers' Trucking can help you handle those messy fluids from drilling, remediation, landfills and more with renewable wood fibre products.

Wood Fibre Products Made Right Here in the Peace!

Rogers' Trucking manufacturers, supplies and delivers absorbents and renewable wood fibre products for use in drilling, landfill and soil remediation projects.

Wood fibre products provide excellent absorption qualities, are easy to handle and, unlike other absorbent options, are made from 100% renewable resources.



Enviropellets are a fast-acting, wood fibre based absorbent that holds 3-4 times as much water as sawdust resulting in reduced waste volume and easier handling


Sawdust is a traditional wood-based absorbent material commonly used for handling drilling waste and integrated into landfills to improve retention and absorption of liquid material.

Wood Shavings

Our fleet of horizontal and tub grinders produce massive amounts of 4-inch minus to ¾ inch shavings. Use for bioenergy, soil remediation, composting, and wood waste removal. An excellent animal bedding and landscaping material too!

Improved absorption, environmentally friendlier! 

Rogers' Trucking Enviropellets and wood fibre products are among the best choices you can make for handling fluids on your drilling site, at a landfill or for any other project requiring aborptive materials.


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